The Evolution of DataMotto

A brief history of changes

This page provides an outline of DataMotto's roadmap, which includes a list of the newly added features, product enhancements, and bugs that have been fixed. If you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at We truly value your input and appreciate any feedback you can share with us.

April 2024


  1. Guest Management Enhancements:

    • Upgraded front end and API for smoother guest management.

  2. Small Improvements:

    • DataTable now handles long column names better.

    • Improved efficiency of Run All Notebook Analysis.

    • User Input box now shows limitations more clearly.

March 2024

  1. Enhanced Data Connect Service:

    • Support for CSV/Excel uploads.

    • Auto-detects data types; imports & formats correctly.

    • Cleans column names, removes empty columns/rows, and deletes constant info columns.

  2. Introduction of AI Data-Quality-Score:

    • Advanced data analysis aligning data with user objectives.

    • Issue identification, data quality checks, and enrichment suggestions.

    • Data quality score for readiness assessment.

  3. Launch of AI Data-Prep:

    • Implement custom modifications based on Data Profile Service Plan and advanced data analysis tools.

    • AI can now interact for user inputs or domain-specific consultations.

  4. Download Service:

    • User-friendly table output downloads.

  5. Revised Pricing Structure and Improved Pricing Panel Access:

    • Streamlined subscription for unlimited AI use.

    • Improved free plan: support larger upload size and analysis support on limited rows and columns.

    • Simplified management and accessibility.

  6. User Guide Updates:

    • Enhanced AI-driven navigation and explanatory modals for plan limitations.

February 2024

Update 2:

  1. Data Connect:

    • Users can now easily connect their data source, and the connect service will automatically retrieve and convert the data into dataframes within the Notebook. This integration aims to simplify the process, making data more accessible and ready for analysis.

  2. Enriched Tables:

    • Our platform now features improved table management capabilities, offering better access to comprehensive data in large tables and employing AI to interpret tables in enriched formats. This upgrade significantly improves the interaction with tabular data for both users and AI.

  3. Improvements and Bug Fixes

    • Conducted various fixes and improvements to address existing issues within the platform, focusing on enhancing overall performance, stability, and user experience.

Update 1:

  1. AI Text Extractor:

    • Added a feature that lets users pick a column, highlight what they want to extract, and describe it. The AI then writes code to pull out the pattern and put it in a new column.

  2. AI Validation:

    • Implemented a verification step in the AI to clarify unclear requests, enhancing its understanding and ensuring more precise, reliable analyses for robust data driven decisions.

January 2024

  1. AI Notebook - Proactive Suggestions:

    • the AI Notebook is proactively suggests the next steps, making general users data analysis process smoother and more intuitive.

  2. Data Prep AI Agent - Enhanced Version:

    • The Data Prep AI Agent comes with special features focusing on cleaning and preprocessing raw data.

  3. Robust AI Outputs:

    • Enhanced the AI's capabilities to ensure that the outputs generated are more aligned with the Notebook's architecture, providing with more accurate and contextually relevant results.

  4. Bug Fixes and General Enhancements

    • Addressed various bugs and made enhancements across our tools to improve performance, stability, and user experience.

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